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10 Tricks to Book Cheap Flight Tickets

By August 26, 2022No Comments
Cheap flight tickets

Want to take flights of fancy? No problem!! You can quickly achieve it in your dream world for sure. Though in the real world, you need to know and use a few tricks to book cheap flight tickets online to go globetrotting anywhere you fancy.

Use the following Tricks to Book Cheap Flight Tickets

Get to know these simple tricks every time you are looking to book your flights online. Also, just imagine how you can enjoy more with all that saved money during travel. Umm…like that fancy cafe stop in Paris, an upgrade to that villa suite in Tuscany, shopping in London, a romantic dinner on the beach in the Maldives, that extra tour of the Ferrari World in Dubai, a relaxing ultra luxurious massage in Bali and you get the drift! So, if you want to travel often, there’s no way you would wait for that festive offer or discount days announced by airlines and travel companies. Therefore here are a few tricks you can use to save on flight fares big time and be smart about it!

1. Plan ahead to win. The early bird gets the best fares.

Book flights early for cheaper faresAs cliched as it may be, planning is the best way to book a cheap flight ticket than waiting to book at the last minute. No matter what discounts or deals come by, securing your flight tickets early has always proved the best way to get discounted airfares during peak season or off-season. If you stick to this rule, you can get cheap flight fares at any time of the year.

2. Burn the midnight oil & book on the cheapest day & time.

Burn the midnight oilThis trick is easy for the night owls, but if you aren’t, try to be one when you want to buy cheap flight tickets! Research shows that you get cheaper airfares if you book your flight tickets at midnight, from Monday through Wednesday. So to save more, stay awake at night and time your ticket booking perfectly.

3. Save big with stealth. Use the incognito mode.

Incognito modeIf you see raised fares every time you visit a flight booking website, then know that some cookies and your server details are being noted by these airline websites. So, when the system knows that you are at the website for the second time or more, it will show you raised airfares. If you are using the browser in normal mode, try clearing the cookies or opening the website from a different browser or computer. You can even try using the private browsing mode or the ‘Incognito mode in your Chrome browser. 

4. Compare and triumph! Use a website offering flight comparisons.

Flight comparisonsResearch well before you go ahead with buying flight tickets. Do remember to compare flights on a reliable and tested online aggregator website no matter how hurried you are to secure your flight seats. Many websites, such as Aertrip, provide you with a detailed list of flights to your desired destination, with the comparative fares offered by different airlines, their timings, layover and other details that help you decide and buy. Try selecting different dates instead of a specific date for your departure, if possible, to know which is the cheapest time to fly. You can also check if the flights operating at night work for you as they are a lot cheaper.

5. Exercise your options, and check the fares of different airlines.

Different airlinesIt is easy to book a return flight ticket quickly, and it seems logical to do so, too, as the general perception suggests that return flights are cheaper. It is not necessarily so. Take that extra effort to search and compare with different airlines to find the ones offering the cheapest flight tickets for your return journey as well. Be more open about the day and time of your flight too. Trust us; you will surely crack a much cheaper deal than before.

6. When possible, travel on weekdays.

This one is pretty obvious but difficult to accommodate with your work schedule. If you can work around your work schedule and manage to plan travelling on a weekday, you are sure to find plummeting fares from Monday thru Thursday. It is observed that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest days to travel.

7. Be flexible with travel dates.

Travel datesBefore you plan your trip, we suggest you check out the prices for the entire month. It will give you a better idea of cheaper days to reach your destination and the return journey. So, if you can manage to be flexible with your travel days, it will turn out to be a lot economical.

8. Set fare alerts on Airline websites & follow their social media pages.

Follow social mediaWhen you visit airline pages, remember to set the fare alerts you desire. This way, you will know about the special offers as soon as they are announced and before they sell out. You can also follow the social media pages of airlines and online travel companies to learn about their various deals and offers.

9. Identify the places to travel that suit your budget.

Budget travelHave you set your heart on travelling somewhere but are unsure where to head to? Then the best way is to find a place that’s light on your pocket. Then, take the help of travel companies and search engines to find out which places offer cheap flight fares based on your interests to freeze your holiday destination. This smart move will enable you to satiate your wanderlust and travel to exotic places within your budget.

10. Use flight points and travel even more.

Frequent flyer milesFrequent flyers of any airline are rewarded with frequent flyer points or air miles points for their loyalty. If you are one of them, you can certainly use them and get cheap fares. These points are most useful while travelling to domestic destinations. You can even qualify for an award flight to your favourite destination if you have earned more points.

Can I get cheap flight tickets using Aertrip?

Aertrip cheap flight ticketsCertainly, you can! Aertrip guarantees the ultimate travel planning and booking experience made delightfully easy for individuals, travel agents and corporates. This next-gen OTA platform takes about a minute to get any travel booking done, making it 70% faster and simpler than any other platform. Aertrip has made it super easy to find the cheapest airfares and also look out for exciting offers, exclusive deals & privileges when you book flight tickets and hotels through the Aertrip website or by downloading the Aertrip Android or iOS app for:

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Why should you use Aertrip for travel planning & booking?

Aertrip, a travel & technology company based in Mumbai, India, has developed this innovative and intuitive platform that simplifies your travel planning & bookings. It is designed to delight users with incredible features such as:

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At Aertrip, your security and privacy are fundamental. We protect your Personal Information with solid encryption and strict policies. The payment process is smooth, speedy and transparent with no additional taxes or hidden costs. For more information on Aertrip, click here – About Aertrip.

Happy taking flights of fancy folks!

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