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How to pack light this winter—5 ways

By October 25, 2022November 10th, 2022No Comments
packing light this winter

The season of warm sweaters, bomber jackets, and woollen outfits are around the corner. And what better season to travel than during winter when the gush of cool winds and a backdrop of snow-capped mountains is a part of your itinerary? However, the thought of packing for a winter trip can get you questioning. How many puffed-up sweaters or jackets, or long pairs of pants should you pack? How many outfits for a 3-day trip, or what should you carry for a 20-day long vacation? You’d want to upload those glammed-up Insta selfies with your snowy poses. However, you want to travel light too! Arrrrgh! ‘Confusion hi confusion hai, solution kuch pata Nahi! Well, here we are to take you out of your misery. Here are five tips & hacks that would help you pack light this winter and yet be a fashionista on your next vacation.

Compression cube bags are an essential 

The choice of luggage plays an important role in helping you maximize space and carry along as much as you can. The best advice would be to use compression cube bags to separate your clothing items and then compress them into your main suitcase. Sweaters and thermals in one, pants, tops/t-shirts, and inner wears in the other, and miscellaneous items in the third. Bring them altogether, and voila, you will have enough space to add the boots as well as some more items.

Convertible clothing is a bonus!

Winter clothing is always layers. A tee, a sweater, a jacket, it’s three layers already, plus thermals, jeans, and more! This is just about one day, and the next day you’d not want to repeat the same. Hence, a convertible jacket or pullover is an added tip. This would reduce your packing by half and also be fashionable at the same time.

Mix and Match 

Since one would be layered with multiple outfits and you would sweat comparatively less on a winter vacation. Hence one can reuse and recycle clothing. Carry t-shirts that would go on a bottom whereas a winter jacket that would suit all outfits. This hack is sure to reduce your baggage weight.

Wear the heaviest pieces on the plane

You’d want to bring your bulky knee-length leather jacket that would occupy almost half your suitcase, and that’s okay. Rather than stuffing it up in your bag, wear it on the plane and do not pack it. Similarly, your snow boots! This would leave more room in your luggage and will help you to carry multiple inner layers like thin sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and pullovers.

Pick an accommodation with a laundry amenity 

When it comes to winter, it’s a non-sweaty season. This means although you’d wear 3-4 layers of clothing, you wouldn’t want to wash them again and again. If it’s a long vacation, it would be ideal for you to pick a hotel, villa, or a stay with a laundry so that you could wash your clothes and wear them again. This would prevent you from packing multiple clothing items yet being insta-ready.

While there exist many of her smaller hacks to help you pack light this winter; such as rolling and not folding your clothes while packing, inserting your socks into your shoes, carrying a fanny pack to avoid multiple smaller bags, and more, these five top the list. With these hacks, you are not all set for your next winter trip with regards to packing and carrying light. 

Winter essentials

Furthermore, here’s a bonus checklist of the essentials you’d need for a week-long trip to a winter destination as you pack light this winter.

P.S. These are generic essentials and are subject to the weather as well as activities that are a part of your holiday itinerary. 

  • 2 Pairs of Pants – Leggings, chinos, jeans, leather pants, etc.
  • 2-3 Sweaters – Neutral-coloured sweaters suit the best 
  • 2 Pairs of Thermal Co-ords – A must-have 
  • Thick Jacket – Knee length, waist length, poofy, or leather all tick as an essential.
  • Snow Boots – Ensure they are waterproof and have a good grip. 
  • Toiletries/Makeup/Gear – Keep them minimal at the same time. Don’t forget to pack a cold cream, moisturizer, and a Beanie/Scarf. 

While these are a few of the essentials, the list is definite to change as per your preferences. In the end, all you need to ensure is that you are kept warm amidst the winter chills. Now that we have noted down a complete packing list for you, it’s time to take that most memorable winter wonderland trip you’ve been dreaming of. 

Travel Insurance – Last on the List

Oops! Before we forget to mention, don’t forget to carry travel insurance alongside packing light this winter. Believe us or not, the decrease in temperatures can have uncalled circumstances that are sure to create a hole in your pocket. After all, you’d want your vacation to be a memorable one and not a nightmare, wouldn’t you?

Wondering how to get your travel insurance? We’ve got it all covered. Just email us at or call 080 69188877 for more information. Also, for any destination recommendations or flights and hotel bookings, visit or call us at the above number, and we are more than elated to help you with your travel needs. Happy planning, folks!