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The 4 Most Impressive Buddha Effigies of the World

By May 16, 2022June 23rd, 2022No Comments

Buddhism is a religion that has been inspired by the teachings and attributes of Gautama Buddha. There are around 480 million followers of this religion across the globe. Thus, one of the largest in the world. The most enthralling contribution of Buddhism given to us is the Buddharūpa (the Sanskrit and Pali term used in Buddhism for statues of beings who have obtained Buddhahood). These statues in their most unique forms are found in many places across the globe, including Buddhist Temples. Here are the most impressive Buddha effigies that will leave you awestruck.

Leshan Giant Buddha Lesham Buddha

A UNESCO heritage site, the Maitreya (next great Buddha) is visualized as a stout monk with a wide smile in a sitting posture. The statue of Leshan Giant Buddha is located to the east of Leshan City. It sits at the convergence of three rivers, which are Min, Qingyi, and Dadu. The biggest carved stone Buddha in the world was carved by thousands of men between the year 713 and completed in 803. Which is more than 90 years. 

Architectural Highlights 

Height: 233 feet high
Width: 8.3-meter-long

– 1,021 buns in the Buddha’s coiled hair

– There are hidden gutters and channels scattered in different parts of Buddha’s body to help displace rainwater and keep the statue dry at all times.

– The 23 ft. long Buddha’s ears are made of wood and decorated with mud 

Temple of the Emerald BuddhaTemple of Emerald Buddha

The temple is located on the grounds of the Grand Palace complex, in the heart of Bangkok. It is known to be the city’s most impressive tourist attraction. The figurine that lies in the temple is called Phra Kaew Morakot. It represents the image of the philosopher and teacher, Buddha. The figurine has been sitting in the temple since  1784 CE. It has travelled to Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia and more. The people of Thailand believe that the statue brings prosperity to the nation. The figurine shows Buddha meditating while seated in the virasana yogic position and wearing fine gold cloth and diamonds.

Architectural Highlights

Height: 26 inches tall
Width: 19 inches long

– The figure of Gautama Buddha is carved of a single piece of grey-green jasper instead of an Emerald found in Africa and India. 

– The Emerald Buddha was housed in the royal bot (chapel) and it sits in the ubosoth (ordination hall) on a (throne) made of intricately carved wood.

– The image of Buddha is placed high above the visitors as a sign of respect 


Great Buddha of KamakuraKamakura Daibutsu Buddha

The statue is made of bronze and was built back in the 13th century. It is the second-largest statue in Japan and was originally built inside a temple building. However, post-tsunami, typhoons and various natural disasters destructing the building, the statue now sits being exposed to elements on the grounds of Kotokuin. This is a temple that belongs to the Jodo sect. 

Architectural Highlights 

Height: 11.3m tall
Weight: 121 tons

– The 1.8m long warazon straw sandals is woven by children in 1951 and sit to the right of the statue 

– The statue is an iconic sight and is the most visited tourist attraction in the Kanto area.


Temple of the Reclining BuddhaTemple of Reclining Buddha

Known to be one of the largest in Bangkok, Wat Pho is also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The magnificent architecture is covered in gold leaf. Surrounding the statue there are 4 chapels that contain 394 gilded Buddha images. The feet of the Buddha is 5 metres long and beautifully decorated in mother-of-pearl illustrations.

Architectural Highlights

Height: 15 metres tall
Width: 46 metres long

– The Buddha’s feet are 5 metres long and exquisitely decorated in mother-of-pearl illustrations of auspicious laksanas which means characteristics of the Buddha.

– Surrounded by the statue are also long lines of golden statues which sit from different parts of Thailand in the lotus position.

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