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How to become a travel influencer

By July 22, 2022No Comments

Not only did Social media change our lives almost a decade ago, but it brought with it career opportunities that couldn’t have existed otherwise. Image doing the things that you love every single day as a full-time job and getting paid for it. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, that’s exactly what social media influencers are all about – living the dream.

What has once been considered a form of time passed by most individuals is now a well-earning profession with promises of both fame and millions? After being locked in at home for the majority of the past two years, there’s no better time than now to start your travel influencer page. And we’re here to show you how!

Don’t do it for the money or fame

Before making any decision about choosing a travel influencer for your profession, make sure you are aware of the lifestyle required for it. While others may make it seem easy, having a thriving social media presence is mentally and physically taxing. Choose it only if you are in love with travelling and exploring the world and not somebody in need of a vacation.

It has been time and again proven that people who have given their primary focus on their passion, with money being the second one, have been able to make it big within their respective industries. Also, don’t hatch your chickens beforehand. It will take a good amount of time and hard work to recover your initial investment. So, don’t dream about humongous profits, collaborations with big brands and celebrity treatment just a month or so in.

Explore your social media options

While every social media platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is physically impossible to garner a presence in every single one. Narrowing it down to having 2-3 active social media accounts is more than enough. Instagram has by far proven to be the best in terms of visual content, Tiktok being a close second but the perfect place to grow quickly. Lastly, Twitter is often associated with being the best place to closely connect with your audience. It is best to create a well-planned social media calendar to ensure you have a great posting schedule for all of these platforms.

You can also start a YouTube channel or a Blog page, and we have detailed guides on how to do so too! Check out How to become a travel YouTuber and How to become a travel blogger to add to your arsenal. 

Build your brand

In order to win endorsements and earn your spot as a reputable travel influencer, you need to market yourself as a brand with the investment. Start by choosing a catchy name, slogan and logo that will represent your brand. Don’t fall into loopholes of common words, and try creating something that’s unique to you.

Next, work on making your brand visible by sharing meaningful content that engages your followers. Make content that is recent and relevant, but you can also use nostalgia smartly. Classy humour is always a safe bet. Ensure you are staying out of drama, too and avoid controversial topics if you aren’t confident in your performance yet. Stay respectful and friendly always.

Invest wisely

Eventually, in order to stand out from the rest, you will need to go above and beyond in your creative aspects. In the early days, it’s impossible to find an endorsement, so you need to self-fund your travels. Be prepared to meet your costs and always have a fallback plan in place. It is recommended that you hold onto your day job until you have earned your breakthrough.

It is also necessary to invest in the essentials that will make your business grow. I.e. using the right cameras and lighting equipment. Although nowadays smartphones come with very high-resolution cameras today, nothing beats a digital camera. It has been time and again proven that followers are picky, and the minutest of details can make or break your brand. Invest in good editing software as well.

Build a connection with your audience and retain it

Humans trust humans that a lot of other humans trust. We are evolutionarily programmed to follow the herd. So when you have a large audience that trusts you, it will inevitably lead to more opportunities for growth. However, to do so, it is extremely important to maintain that trust long-term. Always remember to be genuine and truly authentic. Research and analyze the expectations of your audience.

While it may sound cliche, travel Influencing is one of the few professions that allow you to live your dream. Aertrip has the perfect plans for all your travel needs, so start exploring!

Sara Fernandes

A writer, ideator and travel aficionado, I see writing and other artistic forms of expression as a way to leave my impressions of the world on all willing minds. I aspire to bring about awareness to topics I care about.