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Types of Travellers

Travel trends according to each generation—Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z

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The war between generations is always constant. But are claims that Baby Boomers are the grumpy ones and the Millennials more entitled actually true? Today we are taking a look at the travel trends of each generation! Who travels farther? Who spends more? And who is more likely to keep talking about their vacation for the entirety of the next year? See if you can relate with your generation, and did we guess you right!

Baby Boomers (1946 -1964)

While they may be the oldest on the list, they are definitely young at heart. Our Baby Boomers know where they are going. They are not a fan of advertisements and value helpful and informative content instead. They take the longest trips of any generation and aren’t afraid of splurging on them.  Boomers are also less risk averse and a huge chunk of them want to try adventure sports and daredevil location, only if their health permits that is. Relaxation s definitely a must for them, but at the same time their more forgiving of unfavourable circumstances on their trips. They have a positive mindset towards travel seeking happiness, thrill and peace of mind.

Destinations for Baby Boomers:

Australia, Italy, Hawaii


Generation X (1965 -1980)

The now middle-aged Gen Xers usually have a steady but busy routine as they have a family and established careers. They have to bear many expenses and expenses like taking care of aging parents, children’s college and school fees, retirement savings and other expensiveresponsibilities. Because of this, they have little spare time and want to make the most out of it. As they the fewest vacation of any other generation, they like to seek advice before travelling. They’ll often seek out their social circle for destination reviews and if that’s not possible, switch to online reviews. They are highly influenced by public opinion and not necessarily on the lookout for discounts, but they are always welcome. They like to have an itinerary to make the most out of their short vacation. As most Gen X members with careers tend to lack family time, they prefer going on family vacations more than solo trips.

Destination for Gen X:

Mauritius, South Africa, The Caribbean


Millennials (1981 -1996)

Millennials are the most frequent travellers on the list, however their trips are usually shorter as they need to return to their jobs. On vacation, they want to be pampered, favoring beach locations and all-inclusive resorts. Millennials are more likely to find an ad or see an influencer reviewing a place and instantly start looking for holidays to go visit. A majority of millennials go on vacation with friends or a partner as opposed to family and relatives. They are also a sucker for memories and gend to document their travels the most. There’s a reason a mojority of today’s travel bloggers are milennials! Millennials often have a you-only-live-once attitude towards travel. They are the most likely to have a bracket list and complete it. They are open-minded and keen to explore, interact and experience the world around the,.

Destinations for millennials:

Japan, France, Netherlands


Generation Z (1996 and after)

The youngest generation on the list seek out unique experiences. They seek adventures but on a budget. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, they take the most international trips of any generation! They are impulse travellers and more flexible with the way they travel. Gen Z are not a fan of itineraries and choose to take their own path. They like unique opportunities as well as less discovered places. While social media is a huge part of their life, they are more likely to use it to seek out travel recommendations than post about their own journey. They are often on the lookout for the next big travel trend and catch discounts whenever they can.

Destinations for Gen Z:

South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia.

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