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Reasons you should go on a solo trip

By July 27, 2022No Comments

Do you often dream of travelling to a mystical location but have no one to go with? Do you painstakingly plan trips with your friends only to have it cancelled last minute? Did you just get a free vacation week, but all your loved ones are busy with work? Ditch the crowd and go solo! Of course, individual travel is nothing extraordinary today, and the number of people embarking on this self-adventure is growing steadily. However, if you’re still not convinced, read on to see why you should go on a solo trip.

Complete freedom of decision and flexibility

A solo trip is an opportunity to clear the mind of outside intrusions, and it’s a chance to think as an individual entity without the need to consult or consider more voices or thoughts. There is a lack of negotiations, compromises or detours, all the ideas, plans and decisions are based solely on your reviews, and therefore there is no need to accommodate a good experience. It gives you a sense of complete freedom and a trip that is catered to your needs and wishes.

While heavy planning is often a big part of travelling, being solo gives you ample flexibility in terms of changing destinations, locations, travel mediums etc. It frees you from the monotony of linear plans. Instead, it gives you plenty of opportunities to explore more and to be available for spontaneous activities and plans that may spring up.


Surprising Social benefits

Going on a solo trip is not a lonely endeavour or, at the very least, doesn’t have to be. There is a surprising amount of benefits in terms of socializing, and there are endless opportunities to talk to new people with various experiences and perspectives, not to mention the differences in culture and lifestyle. As a bonus, travelling solo can boost your self-confidence and social awareness, as it makes you better at communicating and socializing and more mindful of your personal space and the concept of being ok and enjoying alone time.

You can find countless stories of fated meetings between people on solo trips. Some have found a friend group for life, some found workmates while a few lucky ones also found their soulmates through such trips. Who knows, you may be next!

Streamlined planning of costs

While group outings can maybe provide bulk discounts or specific benefits, it’s hard to outway the amount of money that can be saved going on a lone adventure. While the inability to split the expenses can be daunting, there is also control over spending that can be tailored to one’s preference, doesn’t have to account for expenditure for others, and can be as budget-friendly as needed. Moreover travelling alone can be more beneficial in terms of travel, accommodations and utility expenses, often coming at cheaper rates.

Discover yourself

Often travelling alone gives greater perspective in terms of understanding personal wants and needs as it’s free from external influence and allows individual thought and reflection, a way to discover or rediscover the self and be more understanding of the inner workings of your mind and how you can cater to it.

Being alone on a trip is also one of the quickest ways to acquire problem-solving skills, as it involves shouldering tons of responsibilities. It helps one learn on their own and figure out challenges as they come, building strong character and habits that are all essential to personal growth. Moreover, it gives individuals an avenue to conquer fears and self-doubt, instilling confidence, urgency and self-sufficiency.


Indulge in Creativity

Travelling alone is a way of fully indulging in your experiences and adventures as it’s singular to you. Therefore, it’s a plus in unlocking an immersive time away from distractions and interferences. Similarly, it serves brilliantly to unlock creative outlets. There is a reason why artists, musicians and students alike, and many more, opt for solo outings since it’s a way to find better, newer perspectives with the added benefit of clearing your headspace to allow the full extent of the creative process to take place. Everything can be enhanced during these solo trips, from designing to song-making to assignment writing.

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Sara Fernandes

A writer, ideator and travel aficionado, I see writing and other artistic forms of expression as a way to leave my impressions of the world on all willing minds. I aspire to bring about awareness to topics I care about.